Feng Shui Interior Design Tips: Using Rugs to Improve Your Layout

Discover the best Feng Shui Interior design tips to bring balance and harmony to your project using rugs.

Creating a design that feels harmonious and cheerful is a goal to be active in every project – no matter the home style, the right feeling will always improve it. And when talking about sensations, Feng Shui is one of the best options to help to optimize a space focusing on creating a balanced feel.

This ancient Chinese art and science aim to balance energy to bring luck, prosperity, and health. At home, Feng Shui vows to make spaces feel harmonious and balanced. From the rooms themselves to the rugs, everything in a home can be organized using its principles to promote the free flow of positive Chi, the life force that permeates everything.

In this article, we will share the best Feng Shui interior design tips to create a harmonious and balanced layout; for that, we will discover how to pick the best rugs according to the Feng Shui elements and incorporate them into any home space. Keep reading to improve your following projects with Feng Shui Rugs!

Timeless Living Room With Neutral Colors, Modern Furniture And A Stunning Pattern Rug - Feng Shui Interior Design

Feng Shui for Home

The right feeling is one of the most important things to achieve in a layout- from joy to peace, the sensations that a space shares help to make it more inviting and unique.

Nowadays, people are giving more attention to the overall feeling of home and focus on creating a space that is more than just a place but also a home with sentiments that make people feel good. But the concern about the feelings that a home shares is not new; in Chinese culture, it has been a focus for over four thousand years, dating back to the Feng Shui origins.

Feng shui is, by definition, the art of putting interior spaces in a way that promotes harmony with the surrounding environment to connect forces and create harmony between people and their surroundings. Its origins are from Taoism and its concept of Chi, a life force that permeates everything.

For Taoism, everything is created by two complementary forces, the Yin and Yang, which make up Chi. At home, the Feng Shui interior design principles regard the notion of Chi; and work with different techniques to harmonize the energies and create a strategic flow by using materials, colors, and shapes.

Basic Principles:

Before entering the world of Feng Shui rugs, we will explore the essential principles of Feng Shui that will help you understand the following sections of this article.


In Feng Shui, a Bagua map is used to look at how our life corresponds in our homes. The Bagua map is divided into eight sectors, each corresponding to a specific life theme.


The world of Feng Shui interior design is divided into five elements – wood, fire, earth, water, and metal, which are supposed to be the foundation of the universe. Many Feng Shui practitioners optimize spaces, balancing those elements and their yin-yang energies.

Feng Shui Elements & Rugs

Wood, fire, earth, water, and metal are the five elements of Feng Shui, considered the universe’s building blocks. To bring more harmony to a home, a Feng Shui interior design project should consider having a balance between these elements.

Using specific elements in strategic locations throughout the house can improve the mood and harmony of a space. The use of a corresponding element, when placed in the appropriate area, can maximize that energy flow and promote peace and progress. And that´s where Feng Shui rugs enter; you can mirror the elements in your rug to bring the balance that your interior needs. Below, you can discover how to reflect each one of these elements into rugs to create a Feng Shui interior design project with the best feelings.

  • WOOD: This element is related to vitality, growth, and kindness; to bring wood energy to your Feng Shui interior design project, you can invest in rugs with green and blues colors or rectangular shapes. This element is related to the Bagua of family and wealth.
  • FIRE: Associated with passion, creativity, and expression, this element can bring warmth and energy to a room; to take advantage of the fire feeling, you can choose a rug in red tones or with a triangle and pointy shape. Fire is related to the Bagua of fame.
  • EARTH: Represents health, knowledge, and stability; this element will help channel positive Chi around those values. The earth element is in the center of the Bagua map, being related to wellness, knowledge, and partnerships. If you want to bring the earth element to your Feng Shui interior design project, you can invest in rugs with brown, orange, and yellow tones or with flat or square shapes.
  • WATER: Symbolize prosperity and abundance; water has the strongest Yin energy among all the Feng Shui elements. To bring this element to your Feng Shui interior design project, select a rug in black tones or with a curvy shape. Water represents the Bagua of career.
  • METAL: This element stands for clarity, simplicity, and precision. You may incorporate the metal element into your Feng Shui project using a rug with white, gray, and metallic hues or circular and spheric shapes. The Bagua map is associated with help, people, and children.

Mirror the Feng Shui elements into your rug can be an excellent way to create a balanced and harmonious Feng Shui interior design. Still, as we already discovered, placing the elements in the right areas is also essential. Below, we will learn how to use Feng Shui rugs in each home division.

Feng Shui Interior Design Elements

Feng Shui Interior Design Tips for Each Home Space

A Feng Shui interior design aims to achieve a balance between the energy that flows into and around a space, and it can directly impact its overall feeling.

According to the Bagua Map and the elements of Feng Shui, we can understand that the balance this ancient art and science aim to achieve is also related to specific areas – since each element is connected to one particular Bagua sector.

So, now that we already understand the elements of this ancient science and have mirrored it into Feng Shui rugs, we will specify the better ways to bring harmony and balance to each home division, considering the Bagua Map and the elements of Feng Shui. Read on because it´s time to explore the best Feng Shui interior design tips for each home space and the best rugs for this division.


In Feng Shui, the entrance is known as the mouth of Chi because the front door is the point of the home where good energy enters. As the place that brings prosperity, choosing a rug color and shape that could help get the best energy is essential. The earth element is perfect for that feeling, so a rug with brown or orange tones in square or flat shapes would be welcome in that spot.

Color Trends 2023 For Interior Design


Adding a bedroom rug will not just improve the room’s aesthetic but also its overall feels. Feng Shui rugs under the bed will help ground the energy when sleeping and balance Yin and Yang (the bed´s soft textures and hard surfaces). It will also be effective when pairing two rugs on each side of the table.

Now, talking specifically about the rug colors, the ideal ones are pink, red and white – hues associated with the Bagua of partnership. And besides the shades, another important choice in the bedroom is rug size and shape – which will differ according to the bedroom space.

Round and oval rugs are suitable shapes for a bedroom, especially in terms of Feng Shui for tiny bedrooms, as they can foster peace and don’t obstruct the passage of Chi. Oval rugs are perfect Feng Shui rugs for bedroom sets that aims to encourage abundance because they are thought to bring prosperity and facilitate smooth sailing.

On the other side, square or rectangular rugs balance a space and reflect the element of earth. Choose a rectangular or square rug if you want your bedroom to provide solidity. In summary, the perfect Feng Shui rug for the bedroom needs to focus on hues related to the family Bagua and in a shape that goes to the encounter of the feelings you want to achieve in your project.

Bedroom With A Rug In Pink Tones Designed By Greg Natale
Design: Greg Natale

-Living Room

Feng Shui rugs in the living room can help pull the space together and balance the energy that permeates the area. The first step to choosing the best rug or rugs for your Feng Shui interior design project is to understand its position related to the Bagua Map; with that in mind, you can work with the elements related to its position to emphasize it.

You can also think about the overall feeling you want to activate and choose the elements according to that, reflecting the colors and shapes into your rugs, but always remember to find a balance between the Chi energy. So you can also bring the other elements into furniture and accessories.

When deciding where to place a rug, consider the overall balance. If you want that your living room is a convivial spot, give a warm feeling by using a rectangle shape to gather the sofa, side tables, and chairs. If the room is decorated entirely in white or gray, introduce the serenity and clarity of water by balancing the yang metal element with a modern rug with a blue or bit pattern.

Minimalist Living Room
Design: Jaclyn and Jacob Pett | Heirloom Projects.

-Dining Room

Time to finish the Feng Shui interior design tips for each home space; for that, we will explore how to choose the best rugs for the dining room. In this ancient art and science, this spot symbolizes family and harmony, which is easy to know why: after all, it´s in the dining room where people share meals and celebrate.

To improve the Feng Shui of this home space, you should embrace the energy to support the relationship and gatherings to create a pleasant spot for the best moments and memories. A rug in the dining room will help to settle the energy in the space- for that, you need to ensure that your rug size is appropriate (the table and chairs need to be always under the rug).

Regarding the rug colors, the best choices for that space, according to Feng Shui, are red, brown, and yellow. The red hue will add an extra layer of warmth and energy to improve the celebrations; the brown and yellow will connect with the earth’s energy and bring more joy; and the green will help amplify the earth’s element.

Dining Room Decor In Brown Tones
Design: Bunsa Studio | Photo: Nicole Franzen

Still talking about Feng Shui rugs, besides the elements and Bagua map, it´s essential to ensure that the rugs have eco-friendly materials and are easy to clean; to don’t accumulate negative energy.

Feng Shui aims to make spaces feel harmonious and balanced; for that, it will focus on the connection between the elements that permeate the energy of the universe, the Chi. To create a Feng Shui interior design project, it´s possible to reflect the principle of Feng Shui in the colors, shapes, and materials that compose your layout.

In this article, we discovered how to mirror the elements of Feng Shui to rugs and the best ways to incorporate them into each home space. Summarly, we could say that the most important thing when selecting the perfect Feng Shui rug is to pay attention to the room´s overall feel to choose the best rug design that could bring the balance to create this feel.

Now that you know the best tips on using rugs to improve your Feng Shui interior design project, you can explore our custom service to create the perfect rugs for a harmonious and balanced feel.

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March 2, 2023
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Feng Shui Interior Design Tips: Using Rugs to Improve Your Layout

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