5 Projects by Kelly Behun Where Rug Takes Center Stage

Explore the design mastery of AD100 awardee Kelly Behun in 5 projects, where rugs transform spaces into breathtaking works of art.

Recognized for her meticulous attention to detail and discerning sense of harmony, Kelly Behun has emerged as a pioneer in crafting spaces seamlessly integrating luxury and functionality. As an AD100 honoree, her impact on the interior design realm is unmistakable, evident in each project’s distinct fusion of modern sophistication and timeless elegance.

Behun’s expertise extends to the transformative power of rugs, where they transcend their utilitarian role to become protagonists in her design narratives. Her discerning eye for selecting and placing rugs within a space highlights her aesthetic prowess.

She profoundly understands how textures, patterns, and colors evoke emotions and shape a room’s character. Join us in exploring five projects curated by Kelly Behun, where the enchanting influence of rugs elevates each space into a captivating masterpiece.

Who’s Kelly Behun?

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Behun’s journey led her to New York. She refined her skills alongside luminaries like Andrée Putman and Philippe Starck at Ian Schrager Hotels’ Design Studio. Subsequently founding the Kelly Behun Studio, celebrated for bespoke interior design, she earned acclaim and was featured in numerous design publications.

With the titles of Architectural Digest AD100 Interior Designer and Elle Décor A-List member, her influence spans high-profile projects, notably a Robert Stern luxury condominium tower, reflecting her eye for design and artistry. Currently residing in New York City, Kelly Behun continues to shape the design landscape with her distinctive style and deep ties to the art world.

5. The Manhattan Home of Kelly Behun

Kelly and her family settled into their two-story residence approximately three years ago. Requiring minimal updates, she focused on furnishing the interiors to create a comfortable setting and framed the city as an art piece.

Residing in the Rafael Viñoly–designed super-tall building, 432 Park Avenue, every space needed to seamlessly integrate with the cityscape, with rugs playing a crucial role in this endeavor.

The careful selection of rugs imparts a remarkable coziness to each area, with the dining room as the most dramatic space. Here, a sizable rug envelops the 10-chair dining table, infusing warmth throughout the room and harmonizing effortlessly with other elements and the panoramic backdrop of Manhattan’s sky.

Each rug takes on the protagonist’s role, elevating the furniture design from the bedroom to the entryway. It’s a symphony where the rugs serve as the masterful maestros.

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4. The Southampton Beach House

In crafting this family-focused Hamptons beach house, the clients had a clear vision: every room and terrace should embrace an ocean view. The design incorporates 12-foot-high glass walls, inviting the sensory experience of the sea indoors.

Kelly Behun was tasked with seamlessly integrating the coastal ambiance into the interior design, ensuring comfort and connection. Along with the ultramodern aesthetic, the finishes chosen by Behun maintain a tactile and warm quality.

The rugs play a pivotal role in balancing functionality and aesthetics. Most rooms feature full-covering rugs, creating an incredibly cozy, palpable atmosphere.

Kelly Behun demonstrates her skillful layering of textures, blending plush Moroccan rugs with furniture. A notable instance is the screening room, wrapped in aqua-blue textiles, transforming it into a familial retreat for decompression.

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3. Classic House Residence

Kelly Behun is the exclusive interior designer of this 1228 Madison, crafted by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, whose portfolio includes some of New York’s most celebrated buildings.

Kelly Behun successfully blended classical elements with a modern Manhattan vibe in this work. The bold tones and mood, evident in the rugs, contribute significantly to the distinctive character of the space.

The living area is this project’s most visually breathtaking aspect, featuring a colossal rug. This yellow rug, adorned with gray accents in a distinctive pattern, exudes boldness. The living space radiates a golden sheen when harmonized with the neutral furniture.

Noteworthy in this project is the consistent use of striking rugs, whether in terms of color or pattern. These rugs serve as focal points, disrupting the norm and introducing a luxurious perspective to the space.

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2. Hampton’s Funny Home

Kelly Behun was enlisted to infuse Zen interiors with vibrant colors for this project. The client aimed to construct a dream home, deviating from the conventional shingled Hamptons house style. The aim was to design a space combining comfort, modernity, and a playful atmosphere for kids and anyone entering, ensuring enjoyment throughout the house.

What unfolds is an explosion of colors, thoughtfully organized, with rugs taking center stage in these rooms, infusing vibrant realism. The striking living room showcases an incredible blue rug seamlessly blending with blue sofas, creating a unique statement space for its inhabitants. In the kids’ room, we witness a play of contrasting colors against white walls, akin to a canvas on the floor.

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1. The Residence Of Alicia Keys

Upon acquiring their opulent residence, Alicia Keys and her husband, Kasmeen Dean, embarked on transforming The Razor House into their family abode. Subsequently, Kelly Behun was graciously invited to collaborate with the couple on furnishing the home.

Kelly Behun applied her expertise to enhance the family-friendly aspects of The Razor House. Notably, the interior designer introduced warmth by incorporating wood elements, Moroccan wool rugs, and a color palette featuring an abundance of warm neutrals, including sandy hues, caramel browns, and buttery cognacs.

What captivates our attention is the enchanting living room enveloped by an oval brown rug, invoking the earth element and seamlessly merging with the expansive blue sky visible through the open windows. All the rug elements in this space contribute to the earthy ambiance, serving as central focal points for each room—a unifying feature that enhances overall comfort.

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Exploring Kelly Behun’s most iconic projects reveals the significance of rugs in crafting a distinctive and captivating interior design. Rugs wield the power to elevate surrounding elements, instilling a sense of total coziness, infusing colors, and establishing a timeless mood. If you are searching for further inspiration, do not hesitate to delve into our section dedicated to room-by-room inspiration.

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January 12, 2024
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5 Projects by Kelly Behun Where Rug Takes Center Stage

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